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  • We work with professional real estate attorneys
  • We offer support with online title searches and examinations
  • We provide access to your title status 24/7 and send instant mobile alerts
  • We offer title insurance and escrow for commercial and residential
  • We close deals faster with our title closing software
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Submit Title Requests Easily

Our lawyers and programmers work side-by-side to make title requests easy. Submit your title request to our team directly from your mobile device or by phone. Giannell Title’s process ensures all transactions close as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Convenient Online Title Searches

We offer full online support with title searches and examinations. A title search can show a number of title defects and liens, as well as unpaid taxes, unsatisfied mortgages, judgments against the seller, and restrictions limiting the use of the land. Our team does all title searches and examinations for you so you have all the information you need.

Real-Time Mobile Title Notifications

How much faster would your titles close if you received a mobile notification the instant you needed to take action? That’s why Giannell Title is here. Real-time mobile notifications are one of the key features we offer to help you close titles faster. You can also access your title status online 24/7 so you always know what’s going on with your transaction.

Protection For Buyers And Sellers

Changes in ownership of a parcel of real estate can cause defects in the title, such as fraud, errors, liens, or unpaid taxes. The reasons (and owners) may be many and varied, but one thing isn’t: The lengths to which the Giannell Title team will go above and beyond to ensure you are protected from adverse title claims or risks that may be asserted against the title.

Comprehensive ServicesFor Investors

Whether you’re building, buying, or selling residential or commercial properties, we offer comprehensive services to address the real estate needs of U.S.-based and international investors interested in the Florida market. Giannell Title can even help you complete your due diligence and request a title search to see if the property you are purchasing has any title defects that may affect ownership.

Title Insurance And Escrow Made Simple

A title is the evidence that the owner is in lawful possession of a piece of property. Giannell Title issues title insurance to financially protect against defects in the title of your property. Florida’s title insurance rates are set by the Florida Department of Insurance. These uniform rates are called promulgated rates and that’s why our title insurance premiums will be the same as any other title company.

Our Software Helps Agents Close Titles Faster

At Giannell Title, we strive to provide a full range of title services you can count on. Our proprietary software helps real estate agents and homebuyers close deals faster. Our board-certified attorneys ensure everything is done right. Learn more about what makes us Florida’s top title office or call our office today.

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